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Heat exchanger star tube maintenance

The maintenance of the heat exchanger star tube is mainly divided into two aspects: internal maintenance and external maintenance. The so-called internal maintenance is to prevent the internal corrosion of the radiator caused by factors such as electrolyte, oxidation and water level in the water. It is difficult to recover the heat exchanger after the star tube is corroded. Although the heat exchanger star tube product has been treated with internal anti-corrosion treatment, the position of wire plug and exhaust valve is still easily oxidized by oxygen in water. When this type of problem is encountered, it can be maintained by full water. To prevent. In order to avoid secondary corrosion of the inside of the radiator by the air and oxygen in the water, the general operation procedure of the method is to turn off the heating return valve for the household heating system, then open the vent valve, and then the radiator after stopping the heating. After the air in the air is released, the water valve is finally closed. For the central heating system to close the water supply valve and return valve or take no measures. For external maintenance, it mainly refers to the surface maintenance of the radiator. At present, many radiators are sprayed with anti-corrosion powder, and the surface is also subjected to high-temperature baking and lacquer treatment to form a good protection for the heat exchanger star tube. However, when cleaning, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of gentle, gentle and non-irritating cleaning. Liquid scrubbing, as far as possible to avoid damage to the paint layer, forming a corrosion hazard. At the same time, too rough scrubbing can also cause surface scratches and affect the overall appearance. If the radiator is exposed to the primer, it should be replenished in time, otherwise it will be oxidized and etched after exposure to the air for a period of time.
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