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Service life and influence of aluminum extrusion die

From the time the mold is put into use to the end of the scrap, the total number of extruded ingots or the total number of extrusions that can be withdrawn is called the service life of the industrial aluminum extrusion die. Before the mold is completely unusable, it may be damaged for various reasons, and it can be continued by the mold repair method, but the number of corrections allowed by one set of molds is limited, and the quality of the aluminum profile extruded from the initial use to the correction is limited. The length and length are called intermediate life. The more the mold allows correction, the longer its intermediate life, indicating the longer its service life.
Due to the different cross-sectional shapes of industrial aluminum profiles and different degrees of simplicity, the dimensional accuracy requirements of the molds are also different. The intermediate life of each set of molds cannot be calculated uniformly, and some can be corrected 3 times, and some can be corrected 10 times, so It is impossible to accurately measure the specific service life of a mold, which can only be said to be a rough reference number.
There are many reasons for mold scrapping, such as unreasonable mold design, improper heat treatment, poor material quality, poor processing methods, etc. The most important performance is crack and wear. According to statistics, 90% of mold scrap is caused by cracks. The wear only accounts for 10%, and the crack of the hollow profile mold is half of that of the solid profile, and the service life is also halved.
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